Thursday, August 20, 2009

fashion diary

Zann is the Queen of Looking Idiotic in Photos. Here she is at a posh all-white wedding, looking not only Idiotic (with a capital I), but also with amputated arms.

Because she doesn't own anything in white (except for shirts and tees), she has to borrow a dress. It's a bit loose, hence the awkward my-dress-is-falling pose. And can you believe these are already the two most flattering pix she has of that wonderful night?
Dress: Dotted Line (Thanks, R, for the loan! You're a lifesaver!)
Belt & neck corsage thingy: Own design
Shoes (not seen): Charles & Keith strappy black heels

Photos: Rory Daniel (not his fault I look like this!)


dot said...

i thought that dress looked familiar!

melly said...

funky moves zann! you look like your doing the robot dance :]

samantha ezra. said...

haha i love the neckpiece!