Thursday, July 16, 2009

fashion diary: all black

Zann wonders how it feels to wear all black, all the time.
Dress: Baylene
Men's loafers: Diesel
Bag: H&M

Conclusion: All black is very hot!
Tee & bag: H&M
Shorts: Giordano Concepts
Socks: Muji (they're polka dotted!)
Men's loafers: Diesel
Hairband: Tangs


Anonymous said...

i bought the same dress from Baylene! isn't it just an awesome piece of work?!? i'm so sad about the closure...


gilda said...

wait, so did baylene really close?? that is so sad! and quite discouraging for a designer like myself. i wonder why it happened. hopefully one day i will have my own store and sustain it!